Pinotage 2014: Day 1

Morning check in

I checked up on the Huge Green Container this morning to see how things are going along.  It seems like the yeast is settling in since I noticed a change in the colour and the temperature rose slightly.  But nothing exuberant.


My ritual of taking taking Balling readings has started and here is the pic for morning of Day 1.  It’s not very clear on the picture, but it reads 1.096 which is slightly lower than yesterday’s reading of 1.100.  I take this as an indication that the fermentation has started.


During the day

The must must be mixed a couple of times during the day.  My dad will do this during lunch, and I’ll mix it in the morning and afternoon (and before I go to bed).

Afternoon check-in

I couldn’t wait to get home to check on things.  When I opened the garage door I could definitely smell something is happening.

The balling reading tonight is still 1.096.  I expected a lower reading, so I’m a bit concerned that something is not all right.  Let’s see what happens tomorrow.



Date Time Hydrometer Balling
23 Feb PM 1.100 23.774
24 Feb AM 1.096 22.897
24 Feb PM 1.096 22.897

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