Pinotage 2014: Day 2

Morning check in

The garage smelled a bit more strongly than yesterday.  When I opened the Huge Green Container, the skins seemed a bit higher and “denser”, trying to engulf the poor little pool thermometer.  The temperature has risen to about 22 degrees Celcius.  I also include a pic that shows the hole left in the skins when I removed the thermometer.  The hydrometer reads 1.092 (22.014 Brix) which is lower than yesterday, so things seem to be going along well  I expected a must lower reading, but I’m happy to see that it is indeed making progress.  I also mixed the skins into the juice.  You can see how the level fell by looking at the ridge on the side.


Afternoon check in

I could smell the wine from outside my house when I got home tonight.  Fermentation is definitely in full swing and you can see the level is even higher than this morning.  You can also hear a soft purring sound when you hold your ears close to the skins.  The thermometer reads 32 degrees Celcius and I’m a bit worried that the temp is too high.  You can see the juice and bubbles bubbling through the hole of the thermometer.

When I stuck my arm in to get juice for the Balling test, I kind had to break through a barrier of the skins until my hand reached the (much cooler) juice.  I took a temperature reading of the juice as well and that is around 24 degrees Celcius.

The hydrometer reading is at 1.077 which is significantly lower than this morning.


I decided to do a check on the calibration of the hydrometer by floating it in water.  Sure enough, it is all good with an expected reading of 1.000.


After I did this, I checked on the Huge Green Container again, and saw that the the skins have already drifted to the top and settled in, in less than 10 minutes!



Date Time Hydrometer Balling
23 Feb PM 1.100 23.774
24 Feb AM 1.096 22.897
24 Feb PM 1.096 22.897
25 Feb AM 1.092 22.014
25 Feb PM 1.077 18.652

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