Pinotage 2014: Day 3

Morning Check In

I had a big of a fright this morning when I saw that the Balling dropped by 8 from 18 to 10.  So, I chucked in some bottles of ice since I knew the day was going to be a scorcher.

My dad replaced those bottles with freshly iced bottles around 3pm.  When I got home and took them out at about 6:30pm, they were water, and not cold at all.

Afternoon Check In

On my way home I was thinking about what to do next should the fermentation be done when I get home.  With a lot of eagerness and anticipation I checked the hydrometer reading, and it was at 1.014 (balling of around 3.5).  Phew, for now at least.  This means that fermentation is still not done.  It also means that the sugar dropped from 18 to 3.5 in 24 hours. 

I added some freshly  frozen bottles to the Huge Green Container, and put the other bottles back in the fridge.  I also put ice underneath my fan in the hopes that it would cool the air a bit.

I hope that fermentation continues, but that it slows down significantly so that I can do the pressing on Saturday.  Only 2 days to go.  Let’s hope for the best.

On a different note

Every time I take the hydrometer reading, there is juice in the measuring tube.  What to do with that?  Taste it of course!  I could taste a definite drop in sweetness last night.  Today I started tasting some tannins (I think).  I can still taste some “yeastiness” and some bubbles on my tongue.


Date Time Hydrometer Balling
23 Feb PM 1.100 23.774
24 Feb AM 1.096 22.897
24 Feb PM 1.096 22.897
25 Feb AM 1.092 22.014
25 Feb PM 1.077 18.652
26 Feb AM 1.042 10.475
26 Feb PM 1.014 3.574



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